About Me

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

— Jonathan Swift



GOLDEN GATE BREWING COMPANY's concept is constructed upon simple principals: Be honest, keep it simple , & have fun. Using only the finest of ingredients, each beer is handcrafted for the highest of quality.

How did it all start?

My name is Chris Wike.  I moved to the Bay Area  almost 2 decades ago from Fort Collins, Colorado, which was known to be the Napa Valley of Beers. How did it start: ~2005 a friend of mine introduced me to the fun hobby of making beer. Then upon the realization of the want for handcrafted beer in the Bay Area, I decided to create the Golden Gate Brewing Company to fill the need. I huddled in my garage from early mornings to late nights, my family, friends and neighbors all participated in the development of my concoctions. As time passed, I created recipes that are tasty, natural, and hearty. 


Using my extensive construction background, I designed and installed a 7 barrel system for Bartlett Hall in San Francisco. As soon as it was done, I starting brewing on the system for a year. Within that time, I had a following of people. Great reviews off of untapped. 50% of sales liquor sales came from the brewery.

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